L2A2 SUIT Reproduction Label

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Reproduction label for the right-hand side of an L2A2 Suit Sight. These are often missing or damaged when you buy a surplus sight. Foil printed and very good copies, these are not quite as thick as the originals but go on very nicely as long as you do some simple prep on the surface of the sight before applying them - see photos. Sorry - no international sales. Call our freephone credit card sales hotline to buy this item now with your credit or debit card - 0800 772 3499. Priced per label. Please note that the standard price of these labels is £10 each, but we have adjusted them down to account for our standard postage rate (£6). In other words, your total order will be £12; £10 for the label and £2 for 1st class postage. SUIT Sight not included!

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