Inert Ammunition

Please note that we are unable to ship inert ammunition to Northern Ireland or indeed outside mainland UK (including Scottish Islands). We may request further information for orders containing significant multiples of inert ammunition (usually over x 20) or multiple orders from the same customer. We reserve the right to refuse any order where we consider the purchaser may not be a bonafide collector.

Inert ammunition supplied by DWSUK is not suitable for re-loading or insertion into any type of firearm; it is sold for display purposes only. DWSUK accepts no responsibility for the consequences where customers use inert ammunition for any purpose other than display.

Purchasers should note that some batches of inert ammunition do not have the calibre on the headstamp. Instead, they have a manufacturer code, date and/or a military designation code. We are unable to search for and provide specific headstamps.

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