INERT WWI Mills Grenade


INERT WWI Mills Grenade

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SOLD. PLEASE SELECT A MINIMUM OF RECORDED POSTAGE FOR THIS ITEM (Standard Shipping for inert ammo will not cover the weight and your order WILL be delayed). A classic WWI No. 5 Mills Grenade as used by British forces from 1915. This example does have some corrosion but still has good definition and is complete. The base plug is marked 11/16 T&S and was manufactured by Tweedales & Smalley Ltd of Lancashire in November 1916. The grenade body is marked 'J' and has its original inner, brass filler screw, lever and pin. The spring and plunger are present and fully operational. THIS ITEM IS CONFIRMED AS FREE FROM EXPLOSIVE (FFE). Sorry - no international sales. Call our freephone credit card sales hotline to buy this item now with your credit or debit card - 0800 772 3499.

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