Enfield No4 7.62mm Sniper Rifle

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SOLD. A very nice custom No4 MKI rifle chambered in 7.62mm NATO calibre. The No4 rifle was the mainstay of allied forces during WWII and was still used extensively into the 1950's and early 1960's. This example probably started life as a WWII British MKI rifle but has been professionally re-worked into a dedicated sniper type rifle. It has been converted from .303 to 7.62mm NATO, has a replacement heavy barrel, has been fitted with a sporter-type stock, has a custom scope mount and a five round flush magazine. It is also fitted with a Tasco 4 x 40 scope, a Harris type 6-9" bipod (not pictured), QD studs and has an adjustable butt pad assembly. The action and barrel have been chromed and this contrasts nicely with the ebonised black stocks. The receiver is marked 'Richard Anderson, Colchester' and we assume this is probably the gunsmith who completed the conversion. All in very nice used condition and complete with five inert 7.62 NATO rounds. EU deactivation with a moving bolt, moving trigger (under spring pressure), working safety and removable magazine but without the ability dry fire or field strip. See our video showing an example of this type of deactivated firearm here. Sorry - no international sales. Call our freephone credit card sales hotline to buy this item now with your credit or debit card - 0800 772 3499. Proof of ID and age will be required prior to the despatch of this item.

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