MAS 1873 Service Revolver

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NOT CURRENTLY FOR SALE. NON-UK SALES ONLY OR RE-DEACTIVATION TO CURRENT DEACTIVATION SPECIFICATION - PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS. Also known as the MLE 1873 and the St, Etienne Model 1873 Chamelot-Delvigne, around 330,000 of these revolvers were produced between 1873 and 1887. They were issued to the French armed forces and were widely used during WWI and even issued to reserve units in WWII. Chambered in the 11 x 17.8mm R round, these large framed revolvers were well-engineered and supremely reliable. They were finished in 'the white', i.e. in their natural machined steel finish and had chequered hardwood grips. This example is dated 1878 and is completely matching; literally everything is numbered including the screws. Now for the interesting part..... The MAS 1873 was used in the 1999 movie 'The Mummy'. Brendan Fraser who played the lead Rick O'Connell used a pair of 1873's throughout the film. Our 1873 is marked 'BLANK' on the frame, cylinder and barrel. These markings are applied to movie guns that have been adapted to blank fire for use on set. We can't be 100% it is one of the two used in the film but it has certainly seen film use. Deactivated to post 1995 UK standards with fully moving parts, working dry fire action and the ability to field strip.

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