Heckler & Koch MP5A3 SD, cased with accessories

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SOLD. The MP5 submachine gun is quite simply a legend. Used across the world by elite forces and police tactical units, it is the SMG by which other models are judged. This is the factory suppressed (silenced) verion known as the SD which features an integrated suppressor unit. This partivular variant is know to be used by various special force units around the world. It is in the A3 configuration with the sliding stock and fitted with the standard SEF trigger group giving both semi and full auto. This example is manufactured under license by MKE of Turkey - don't be put off by this as the quality is A1. Complete in original maker's hard case with one magazine, R3/3 tactical sling, 10 inert 9mm rounds, cleaning kit and manual. Deactivated to the EU specification with moving cocking handle and original bolt under spring pressure, moving trigger under spring pressure, moving fire selector/safety and the ability to swap stocks and foregrips - please see video below (coming soon). The magazine can be removed and and the stock slid in and out. Sorry - no international sales. Call our credit card sales hotline to buy this item now with your credit or debit card - 0800 772 3499. Proof of ID and age will be required prior to the despatch of this item.

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