WWII 1934 Mosin Nagant 1891

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UNAVAILABLE. NON-UK SALES ONLY OR RE-DEACTIVATION TO CURRENT DEACTIVATION SPECIFICATION - PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILSAn early 1934 dated Mosin Nagant Carbine chambered in 7.62 x 54mm Rimmed that would have been in use pre and during WWII. Octagonal receiver with matching numbers to the receiver, bolt and trigger housing (armourer re-stamped). This was the standard Soviet battle rifle of the second world war and with its long barrel was an efficient and fairly accurate weapon. This example is excellent condition; the metalwork is near mint and the stock has most of its finish intact. Complete with correct military sling and socket bayonet (not pictured). Deactivated to the UK specification with fully moving parts, working dry fire action and the ability to field strip (apart from the barrel).

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