Uzi 9mm SMG

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This is along with the AK47 is probably the gun that everyone recognises and knows something about. Designed in the late 1940’s and first accepted for service use in 1951. Most sources suggest that the Uzi was inspired by the Czech SA23 SMG and the similarities are there; specifically, the magazine housed in the pistol grip and the wrap-around bolt designed to shorten the weapon. The Uzi has found use all over the world and has proved itself to be a highly reliable and robust weapon. This example is an original Israeli manufactured example and comes complete with one (25 round) magazine, wooden stock (detachable) and 5 inert 9mm rounds. Deactivated to the new EU specification with moving original bolt under spring pressure, moving trigger under spring pressure, moving fire selector (quite stiff) and the ability to remove the top cover. The magazine can be removed but it can't be dry-fired or the bolt assembly removed. See our video of a similar deactivated UZI here or below. Sorry - no international sales. Call our freephone credit card sales hotline to buy this item now with your credit or debit card - 0800 772 3499. Proof of ID and age will be required prior to the despatch of this item.


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