007 Armalite AR7 .22LR

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UNAVAILABLE. NON-UK SALES ONLY OR RE-DEACTIVATION TO CURRENT DEACTIVATION SPECIFICATION - PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS. One for the Bond collectors out there! The AR7 is a lightweight and compact take-down weapon designed to be used for hunting and personal protection. Fed from a box magazine, this semi auto rifle has the ability to stow away in its stock when not in use. The AR7 has been used in a number of movies, notably in James Bond's From Russia With Love, Goldfinger and On Her Majesty's Secret Service. This is a rare Armalite manufactured example with the brown composite stock - as seen in the Bond movies. Deactivated to pre 1995 UK standards with fully moving parts, working dry-fire action and the ability to field strip (apart from the barrel).

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