Remington 870 Magnum Wingmaster Shotgun


Remington 870 Magnum Wingmaster Shotgun

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The Remington 870 is the standard by which all other shotguns are judged. A rugged and reliable weapon, the 870 has not only found favour in civilian market, but has become the shotgun of choice for some police and many military units here in the UK and across the world. 870’s are known to be used by the SAS for door busting (‘removing’ door hinges prior to making a tactical entry into a room). This full stocked version has a 24” barrel and is generally in really excellent order with just very minor service wear. Deactivated with a moving pump arm, moving bolt, moving trigger (under spring pressure) and working safety but without the ability dry fire or field strip. Sorry - no international sales. Call our credit card sales hotline to buy this item now with your credit or debit card - 024 7637 3581.

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