Long Lee Enfield CLLE .303 Rifle

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UNAVAILABLE. NON-UK SALES ONLY OR RE-DEACTIVATION TO CURRENT DEACTIVATION SPECIFICATION - PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS. Manufactured by Enfield in 1897 as a Lee Enfield MKI* (MLE), this rifle was converted in 1910 to a charger loading version (CLLE). Both the MLE and CLLE versions were used at the start of WWI with some remaining in use until the end of the war. This example is in amazing condition for its age. The original woodwork is complete and appart from expected service wear, is in great order. Many of these exhibit quite a bit of pitting but this example has none and indeed has much of the original blued finish intact. A rare rifle which will be difficult to better. Complete with reproduction leather sling and 5 inert .303 on a stripper clip. Deactivated to the UK specification with fully moving parts, working dry fire action, removable magazine and the ability to field strip (apart from the barrel).

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